“Well, he’s like a brother. I love him. Families – we certainly have our ups and downs and our quarrels. But at the end of the day, when it’s all said and done, I would do anything for him, I think he would do anything for me.”

-John Lennon on Paul McCartney, Dec 8th 1980.

After a chance encounter, Dean and Sam have spent months chasing the immortal Captain Jack Harkness. What they don’t know is that he’s gone missing from Torchwood as well. And when Gwen Cooper, Torchwood’s second in command, crosses paths with the boys she mistakes their search as a sign they’re involved in his disappearance.

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Imagine if the series had ended right after this moment.


The Beatles selfies

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"Can I have a bite of your apple?"


And is in this case that you realize how much time is really spent and how much we miss Harry Potter, our LIFE.







SPN | Cas appears

…out of fucking nowhere.

out of dean’s ass

yknow sometimes my headcanon is that whenever cas arrives at a place he’s actually already there but people don’t recognize it because he’s still in his true form and he sometimes forgets to uncloak himself in his vessel form so he tsks and rolls his eyes (or whatever the equality for rolling their eyes is as far as angels go anyway) and then he uncloaks himself as jimmy novak and make little flapping noises to announce his arrival or something even though its not really necessary but then people are still surprised and mad at him for coming unannounced and he just mentally cusses at everyone in enochian because i swear to dad dont you dare bitch at me you petty human i even fuckin flapped my wings for you it aint my fault your eyes are too weak for my bodacious true form

my bodacious true form

I’m gonna go talk to Larry. Okay, honey?